The Bellydance Meditation Method® 
8-Week Virtual Accelerator
Teacher Training Program
Learn it.  Sell it!

The Bellydance Meditation Method® Teacher Training w/ Sales Training!

Learn how to create dynamic specialty workshops that weave meditation, breathwork, and easy-to-do Bellydance flows that are aligned with the 7 major Chakras. Support awakening the divine feminine as you help your members to heal from the inside out.

  • Access to an exclusive private portal
  • Step-by-step workshop creation and delivery instruction
  • ​One-on-one coaching on the "fill-it-fast" selling system
  •  24/7 access to support, week by week
  • ​Training on how to build out, launch and sell fun and transformational workshops to your dream members
The Bellydance Meditation Method® Teacher Training is a compilation of years of experience, research, breakthroughs, and almost a decade of trial and error...

All brought together in a simple, but powerful system inside an easy-to-learn training program.

During our 8 weeks together, you will discover how to:
  • Breakthrough Mindset blocks that are holding you back from creating successful virtual workshops in your business that can help you do what you love and make money fast!
  • Define Your Income Goals and know the steps to take in order to reach them.
  • Engage Your Current Members and learn step-by-step how to nurture them to grow your community, offerings and expansions.
  • ​Enroll New Members with a tried and true plan for finding them and converting them into happy customers.
  • ​Grow Expansions and Renewals that will help you reach your revenue and business growth goals
  • ​Develop Enrollment Techniques that will improve your rate of selling and renewals by 95%.
  • ​Stand Out In a Saturated Market by having a specialty workshop that is cutting-edge current and helps you get to know your market intimately. 
  • ​Create A Signature Style to brand you and to help you get paid what you’re worth.
What you’ll learn in The Bellydance Meditation Method® 8-Week Accelerator program has generated 3x the income, sold out events, renewing members, referrals and positive reviews, local and international expansions and more! 

Bellydance Meditation® is your invitation to a fun, vibrational, multi-dimensional movement experience that helps to awaken the divine feminine. 

Like a moving prayer, Bellydance Meditation's holistic approach blends light vinyasa flows with Chakra balancing, music, divine feminine poetry, savasana, and flowers and spirit cards. 

These elements are richly woven into themed classes and are designed to activate the sacred feminine, restore balance and awaken a deeper connection to self.

Becoming a Certified Bellydance Meditation® Teacher allows you to:
• Teach Bellydance Meditation in your community
• Expand Your Offerings with a Speciality class that truly supports Divine Feminine awakening
• Use Bellydance Meditation Logos and Marketing Templates
• Have access to energizing playlists and poems

Online Teacher Training will include:
• 5 Module Online Video Lessons
• Downloadable Teaching Guide Cards to support you as you teach
• 1 Class Plan to Include Themes, Sequences, Rituals
• 2 Class Playlists
• 1 sample Bellydance Flow Meditation
• Follow-up Bellydance Meditation® Coaching Call
• Invite to Exclusive Bellydance Meditation® Inner-Circle Facebook Page

Topics Covered during the training:
• Bellydance Meditation® Class Philosophy
• Using Flowers and Spirit Cards
• Foundations of Bellydance in its Original Sacred Feminine Context
• Divine Feminine Theme Development
• Integration of Modalities Into Class Sequencing and Theming

Pre-Registration Requirement:
This program assumes you already have, or are obtaining, your 200-hour teacher training certification, or that you hold a current AFAA, NASM or comparable group exercise format certification.  Bellydance teachers are also encouraged to apply.

Continuing Education Requirements:
In order to maintain your certification, teachers are required to attend one Bellydance Meditation® workshop (virtual or in-person) once a year.

What is the investment?:
Study at your own pace.  Limited to 30 participants only

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My name is Allison Kenny and I am the founder of Activate Your Divine Feminine: Bellydance Meditation.  My goal is to empower yoga teachers all over the world to teach Bellydance Meditation as a healing modality to their students.
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