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Current Offerings
Private Virtual Bellydance Lessons & Small Group Lessons
Live Personal Instruction via
If you are looking for individual lessons or small group lessons in Bellydance, I provide those.  I'm currently offering virtual lessons for individuals or small groups!  It's fun to learn on Zoom and I tailor the experience to your needs.  Click the button below to learn more!
The Luscious Lebanese Shimmy Routine 
10 Virtual Lessons | Private Portal | Easy-to-Learn
Get ready to get *luscious* as you learn how to tap into your femininity, sensuality and sense of self in a playful, easy-to-learn routine that you can dance anywhere, any time.  Your Private Lesson Portal allows you to access 10 training videos on demand and practice at your own pace.  You'll have access to perfect playlists, tips and tricks, and a bonus section.
The Bellydance Meditation Method®
Yoga Teacher Training
Give a Workshop that Inspires, Heals and Transforms!
The Divine Feminine is emerging in individuals around the world.  Women want to understand it and get the support they need from the teachers they love, like you.  The Bellydance Meditation Method® Teacher Training will empower you to teach this new, and fast-growing healing modality with all the tools, cues, flows and coaching you need to succeed.  Speciality offerings like these will boost your income, renewals, referrals and reviews and will allow you to do what you love.
Hi! My name is Allison Kenny and I'm a Bellydance instructor and certified Movement Arts professional with over 15 years of teaching experience.   
My mission is to help women all over the world feel happy, sexy, and valued just as they are!

What I do?
- One-on-one, and group classes (virtually and in-person) 
- Bellydance Meditation 8-week Accelerator Program w/ sales training
- Workshop and retreats facilitator/instructor
- Corporate/Business/Non-Profit/Groups team building 
- Video Podcast series showcasing women of divine feminine emergence

Why I do it?
- to help women tap into their femininity and sensuality
- to bring fun and freedom into women's lives
- to encourage women to give themselves permission to celebrate themselves just as they are
- to provide a "soul-workout" that transforms body, mind & spirit

I created The Bellydance Meditation Method® as a way to empower yoga teachers, dance teachers and fitness professionals to learn how to teach this format and to learn how to sell their services to become sustainable.  

Through my 8-week accelerator program, I support teachers learning at home to receive coaching, get the necessary tools they need to be successful and to achieve a certification. 

With easy-to-learn sequences, ritual room preparation, worksheets and example class flows, I empower yoga and fitness instructors to:
- lead classes, workshops and retreats
- facilitate in-person and online women's circles 
- create brand awareness and support through sisterhoods

Learning and teaching The Bellydance Meditation Method® will:
  • ​Introduce a powerful healing practice
  • ​Attract and retain new members
  • ​Learn to sell to fill classes consistently
  • ​Give your gift of healing to the world
"Allison creates a safe place for people, women, to freely express themselves." 
- Leslie Attwooll.

"I literally shook off all of my anxiety. I naturally felt the sensuality with grace and with it came fun and giddy, and that girlish charm!" 
- Elba Colón.
Activate Your Divine Feminine®
PO Box 882
Columbus, OH 43216
My name is Allison Kenny and I am the founder of Activate Your Divine Feminine: Bellydance Meditation.  My goal is to empower yoga teachers all over the world to teach Bellydance Meditation as a healing modality that awakens the divine feminine in their students.
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