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"Yes! I Want to Be Happy, Sexy, Free!

  • Rock It, Release It!® Bellydance Meditation lessons
  • Chakra Themed Months
  • Virtual Small Group Trainings
  • Private 1:1 Lessons
  • Exclusive Online Community
  • Custom Playlists
Easy to learn, judgement free zone!
Lessons are conveniently taught via free video services so you can enjoy professional lessons from the privacy of your home!
"I Want To Relieve Stress, Have Fun & Be Happy!" 
Introducing virtual Bellydance Meditation Lesson Packages!!
Sensuality Coaching
Rock It, Release It Life-Changing Movement practices
Customized Playlists and Gratitude Practices
Prizes for commitment level

When you take this journey into your femininity, sensuality and will experience improved well-being,  illumination and balance!

You'll feel better, sexier, happier!

 Chakra themed lessons 
and combinations help you stay on track.
Fun and easy-to-follow lessons and pratices expertly taught and demonstrated through simple, step-by-step instructions.

Designed to fast-track you to engaging with your energy centers (Chakras), dancing, exercising and feeling happy!

Now, you don't have work through weeks of trying to make it to classes in the hopes that someday you'll be able to "get there." 

I've taken all the guess work out of it so you feel confident and start having fun and seeing changes right away!

Even if you are a complete beginner and have never tried Bellydancing or Meditation before!

Discover the experience that will awaken your femininity, ignite your sensuality, and transform your life!
"This was amazing!!! It was a body and Soul-workout!! I loved every bit of it!! Allison will guide you through getting in tune with your body, sensuality and sexuality. I worked my mind, body and spirit. I felt invigorated and renewed after the first class!! I can’t wait for the next one!!."

Kelli C
"Allison is a beautiful soul! Her teachings are Incredible and lend to a gentle awareness of feminine beauty & divine honor!! 💗

Diane H
"Allison is a great teacher and makes you feel so comfortable! I am a very awkward woman with pretty low self-confidence, so when she asked me to try belly dancing, my immediate reaction was “No way!”
I tried it anyway though, and was amazed at how easy Allison made it! She explains moves in a way that anyone can understand and mimic.
I highly recommend trying even if you think you can’t do it or it’s out of your comfort zone. It’s always great to try new things, and I’m definitely glad I did! ."

Nicole B
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